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Image by Jeremy Tanguay-Fernandes

Home Decor

There's something for everyone when it comes to lake house décor.

What comes to mind when you think about "lake life?" Most people envision long days on the water, soaking up the sun. But a lake home can be much more than just a place to park your boat and take a break from fishing, skiing or swimming.  In fact, it really should be a year-round respite from the daily grind.  The right lake house décor, can create an inviting environment that truly becomes in integral part of the "Lake Lifestyle."

Poolside Art

When Shirley Witten-Price and her husband Ron bought their High Rock Lake home, a large blank stucco wall seemed to cry out for some kind of art. She wrestled with the idea of what to put there for quite some time. Then one day she found a mural artist who suggested something that she might never have thought of, a sea turtle. 

See how it all came about and watch the blank wall become a work of art in the  video below. 

01. Decorate with Fish


Brent Byerly  makes some decorative items perfect for any lake home. He operates a business under the name "Be Your Own Fish." Below he tells the story of how his business came to be. 

"I’ve always enjoyed working with wood as a hobby but in 2004 I sold my first handmade fish and it has grown from there.  I’ve been blessed to have my work featured in several stores since then and it has become a full time job.  Anything and everything associated with the water has always fascinated me so it’s only natural that most of my work has a connection to it.  I began with fish but soon added owls and Nativity scenes and other items upon request.  Many of my Nativities have a nautical theme and some have even been made using driftwood from High Rock Lake.  Even though I don’t live on the lake (yet) I feel a certain connection to it when I’m in my workshop creating a new piece.  Every time I complete a new “lake” piece it reminds me that High Rock is there right now waiting on my next visit."

02. Use a Nautical Theme

Image by Jake Lorefice

A nautical theme is a great way to add character to a lake house. Antique items like old paddles and water skis can be used as decorative items inside and out. 

Nautical colors also accent and play off  the lake environment. Navy is a great color to use for a lake house since it's dark enough to hide dirt and grime!

03. Take Advantage of the View

livingroom with Toby.JPG

One of the best ways to enjoy the view of your lake house is by adding seating below or near the window.

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