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Lake Home Style

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

By Christie Weatherly

Lake home décor is always a matter of personal preference. The style and feel of every home is as varied as the people who live in them. It’s human nature for us all to want to add our own personal touches that make our dwelling feel like home. This is the story of our lake home on High Rock Lake and how we arrived at the look you see today.

My husband and I discovered very early in our marriage that we loved High Rock Lake. It was the 1980s, we were newly married, struggling to make ends meet but we had a small boat that we were only able to take to the lake on weekends. As we cruised High Rock and saw people enjoying the convenience of lake front living. We dreamed of having a place of our own one day. Fast forward to 2016 and we were finally able to purchase our own little slice of the High Rock Lake Life.”

River’s Edge is an amazing lakefront community. Sixteen two bedroom, two bath condos with a pool, private dock and boat ramp and one of the most amazing views on the lake. When we purchased our condo, we realized that it hadn’t been updated in 13 years. It was decision time. What would be our lake style? Rustic? Farmhouse? Modern? Or maybe just a combination? Then there is that pesky bump in the road that most of us face… a budget. How much can we and should we spend? The good news is that whatever style you decide on, there are many ways to create the environment you would like within a reasonable amount of money.

First decision…colors. My husband and I decided on the nautical colors of gray, navy, and white. We painted the entire condo the same color, Lazy Gray by Sherwin Williams. This is also a blue gray that does not appear too cold and sterile. It’s a great color to open up spaces that are smaller and creates a soothing feeling of nature due to the blue undertones. It gave us continuity and a continuous flow. There was carpet in most of the living areas and bedrooms. We saved money where we could by investing in some sweat equity. We removed all the carpet, then the staples underneath ourselves, ripped up the old hardwood in the entryway and laminate in the kitchen.

We added gray granite countertops to kitchen that had a lot of movement.

After the dust from all the renovations had settled, it was time to decorate.

In the dining room, we bought a brown wooden round dining room table that seats six and completed the look with 6 wooden upholstered chairs. We painted the chairs a medium gray and I upholstered the chairs with a cream and gray patterned fabric. I added a gray wooden lantern for the centerpiece. We placed a large mirror that we bought for 15 dollars at a bargain shop. We painted it with chalk paint distressed it with gold.

In the living area, we chose a leather sofa and loveseat that would withstand lake living. I added navy and white pillows to both. I purchased a small round dining table that has a diamond patterned top that had been painted with white chalk paint. Again, this is a very durable table that can take wear and tear. I chose a gray upholstered coffee table that adds more seating for guests. I found a wicker chair at an antique store that I had the cushions upholstered in a navy and white pattern. Also, I found a white Chippendale chair that I upholstered in the same fabric as the wicker chair. We have a large light colored entertainment center that houses the TV and provided additional storage. The best part is I can close the cabinet and not see the TV! It is fun to add a couple of art pieces.

I found a print of an antique navy woman’s swimsuit that our visitors always appreciate. The least expensive and most personal accent pieces are the black and white photos my husband took around the lake. With simple frames and grouped together, the display is always a conversation starter with guests.

In the master bedroom, we ordered a light gray king sized headboard to go with a king frame. I ordered a white king size quilt with shams and I purchased a navy and white comforter set with a dust ruffle and shams to go with the quilt set. I found other pillows with different shades of blue to compliment this ensemble. A traditional cherry side table with a pullout was placed on one side of the bed. We placed another open brown wooden table on the other side of the bed. It adds more visual interest if everything does not match.

I used my mother’s antique gold colored 50-year-old living room lamps on each side of the bed. My husband rewired them and painted them a chalk white with gold distressing. I added new white shades and small white tassels to each lamp. We found a dresser for 60 dollars that had to date back to the 80’s. My sweet husband painted it white too. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, my poor husband is my chief painter of furniture! He also painted a large wooden frame to place to the left of the bed. I added vintage pictures of family members around the room.

In the guest bedroom, we chose an upholstered navy queen sized bed headboard. I added a medium-colored gray quits and pillow shams and a white and navy striped comforter set. I placed very inexpensive brown wooden side tables on each side of the bed. This helps break up some of the gray, navy, and white.

We also added an antique trunk that was handed down through my husband's side of the family. This holds magazines for our guests.

Renovating and decorating our lake home was a great learning process and the style continues to evolve as we find new things and change things up from time to time.

The most important thing to remember when decorating your lake home is to design a place that draws people in, wraps them up, and invites them to stay a while. Just not too long. Finally, make the most of the your waterfront views by keeping the windows free of draperies or curtains. Keep the beautiful views the primary focus. Then sit back, relax and enjoy your High Rock Lake Life!

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Oh this brought back not too long ago memories! We live in Winston and in 1999 bought a 1960s cottage on Smith Mountain Lake 2 hours north in VA. In 2014 we drove up to open the cottage for spring. We opened the door to 16ft ceilings, walls, furniture, everything covered in black mold. Power would go out often at the lake so the best guess is the power went out, the old stand alone water heater in the kitchen froze and cracked. When the power returned and the ice melted, the house flooded - continually - as the water heater kept thinking it was empty and continually pulled all the water from the well. 7 years later we have…


Your home is stunning!!! Thank you for sharing your journey.


Loved your blog about Lake life on High Rock Lake. I too have always loved being brought up around lakes. We had 2 lakes when i was younger still living at home and now i have my own lake in front of my house and still love it. It is so soothing and calming to be on the water, either fishing or just drifting away.

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