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Navigation at Swearing Creek

Over the past several years silt and mud have washed down the main channel of the Yadkin River and have started to settle at the mouth of Swearing Creek. This has caused a large section of the river to become very shallow and impassible for many boats. 

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Because the area has become shallow and dangerous, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has placed a set of channel markers to guide boaters through the safest route to and from the mouth of Swearing Creek and the main channel of the Yadkin River. 

If you are going up into the creek from the lake, you should keep the red markers on your right and green on your left. If you are going from the creek into the main channel it would be the opposite with green on the right and red on the left. 

Marker pic 2_4.9.4.jpg

In the video below NC Wildlife Officer Cody Walker explains the markers and how to navigate through this section of the lake. 

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