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Slalom Water Skiing

Many people think slalom water skiing is the way you describe skiing on one ski instead of two skis. But really the term comes from the using the ski to negotiate a predefined course of buoys while being towed by a boat. There was a time when the sport was very popular and professional competitions were held all over the country. Slalom courses were set up on most lakes, including High Rock Lake. As technology advanced other sports evolved and wakeboards and surf boards took the place of skis. 

A group of people have discovered the challenges and the fun of slalom skiing again and are trying to share their enthusiasm with others. Occasionally, Shaun Brinkle, his wife Morgan and a group of friends get together and set up a course in a quiet cove.  Below is a video of their story and some pics that were shot on an August Saturday morning morning in 2022.  Check back often for more updates to this page. We'll shoot more pics and videos when things happen on the lake. We also plan to add pages for other watersports as well. 

Slalom Skiing Video

Slalom Water Ski Photoshoot Montage

Slalom Water Ski Photoshoot Gallery

Slalom Ski Memories 

Ross Gobble submitted some great memories of his dad skiing on High Rock Lake at 80. He has a wonderful assortment of pics and a description on his Google account. You can see the pics and his writeup by clicking here


In the video below Clyde can be seen starting out on two skis and dropping one. Not bad for an octogenarian. He passed away in 2014 but the legends of his antics on High Rock Lake will live on forever. 

Clear Lake Waterskiers Club

Clear Lake is a smaller lake next to High Rock and is operated by the "Clear Lake Water Skiers Club." Every year they put on a couple, sometimes more, ski events. Many of the avid slalom skiers from High Rock Lake participate in the club events. In the gallery below are pictures from the August 20th, 2022 "Charlie Carrick Memorial Tournament." 

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