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Tournament Results and Pics

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Yadkin River Crappie Trail Feb 2023 High Rock Lake Tournament

Despite some tough wind and an incoming cold front, the 26 teams competing in the Yadkin River Crappie Trail's winter visit to High Rock Lake came to the scales with some very nice fish. This is one of the finest tournament trails on the Yadkin River Chain, making stops at lakes all up and down the river. This season's last stop at High Rock was in the fall. The winning team of TC Lloyd and Justin Steen brought in 14.16lbs and also had the big fish weighing 2.32lbs. That's impressive. Below are the results and pics from the weigh in and winners. 


Live sonar

Team Weight Big fish

1. Lloyd/Steen 14.16lbs 2.31 $840.00

Big fish $200.00

Big Fish bonus $100.00

2. Allen/Horton 13.68lbs 2.13 $420.00

3. Dibiak/Stacy 13.49lbs 2.21 $220.00

4. Davis/Davis Amsoil prize pack

5. Kimrey/Rowland Jenko certificate

Non live sonar

1.Potts /Potts 10.69lbs 1.88 $200.00

Big fish 1.88 lbs $40.00

2. Rayburn/Steelwell amsoil/Jenko

The Yadkin Mastercatters is a fishing tournament trail held on various lakes along the Yadkin River chain. This tournament of the Fall/Winter 2022/23 season was held at High Rock Lake on Saturday and Sunday, September 17th and 18th. This was an overnight tournament where anglers started fishing at 7PM on Saturday and the sleep deprived teams brought their catch to be weighed the next morning around 8:30AM. 

Team "Paper Hangers" took first place with three fish weighing in at 75.58lbs. Team "Outcasts" brough in the big fish that tipped the scales at 40.24lbs. All the fish were released to grow and hopefully be caught again. 

Yadkin Master Catters High Rock 62.JPG

September 2022 Tournament Gallery

High Rock Lake


The Yadkin Mastercatters is a fishing tournament trail held on various lakes along the Yadkin River chain. This tournament was part of the 2022/23 Fall/Winter series and followed a previous tournament held in September of 2022 on High Rock Lake. (scroll down for pics from this one) Even though the weather was not bad for January, a fifteen degree cooler temperature swing in two days made the bite tough. Despite that, several teams came in with some impressive numbers. 

  • Team "Cat Baby" took first place with a total weight of 87.05lbs for three fish. They also had the second largest fish of the day that weighed in at 37.35lbs.


  • Team "Play Bouy" came in second with a total of 86.43lbs and had  the third largest fish that weighed in at 34.90lbs.  

  • Team "DC Muddcat" finished in third place with a total of 79.79lbs but they also had the big fish of the day, a big blue tipping the scales at 38.36lbs. 

  • Team "Fatlunker"  came in fourth with 79.03lbs

  • Team "Bottom Line" finished fifth with a total catch of 70.47lbs

January 2023 Yadkin Mastercatters Tournament Gallery