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Jeff King is "hooked" on catfishing. He says he always loved catching all kinds of fish but when a friend introduced him to the potential of fresh water monsters, he became obsessed with them. He also shares his passion with other anglers through his Yadkin Mastercatters tournament trail.  

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Jeff says High Rock Lake has for many years, had a reputation for being a great place to catch giant catfish, especially flatheads. He takes his Polarkraft boat all over the lake and way up into the Yadkin River in search of his prey. He says fifty pound catfish are not uncommon here and thirty pounders are quite common.

Drone Catfish Boat from behind_1.1.3.jpg

In the video below, he invited Shane Walser, Yadkin Lakes Crappie Guides, to join him on a warm spring evening and see what catfishing on this body of water is all about. 

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