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Bald Eagles

In the mid 1990s bald eagles began showing up on lakes along the Yadkin River chain. At the time, Alcoa Power Generating Inc, set out to encourage the population by preserving habitat. Large areas of open water, dense undeveloped forests made the Yadkin Lakes the ideal spot for the majestic birds. Despite being our national symbol, bald eagles were once a rare site in North Carolina as well as most parts of the country. Up until 2007 they were on the endangered species list.  Most people grew up never having seen one in the wild. Now thanks to conservation efforts, bald eagles are a common sight on all of the area lakes. High Rock Lake is known to have several active nests and a few non-active. 

This page is dedicated to bald eagles around High Rock Lake. We will continue to build this information, pics and videos for the benefit of all eagle lovers. Scroll down for more. Please check back often for updates. 

Bald Eagle Picture Galleries


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