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Brother Tim's Fish Fry



Tim Hanhour loves eating fish almost as much as he loves catching them. For Tim there is nothing better than cleaning and cooking a fresh catch right beside the water it was swimming in minutes earlier. He carries a camp stove, an iron skillet and some oil with him on many of his outings. Below is his favorite way to batter his fish before frying them. 


His recipe for frying up delicious fish is simple. After cleaning and drying off the fish, he uses equal parts of "Louisiana Fish Fry" (he prefers the spicy) and "House Autry" fish fry mix. Add a  teaspoon of salt (to taste)  and mix it all together in a large ziplock bag.

Heat up the oil. Tim says you can tell if the oil is hot enough by dropping in a pinch of batter and if it starts cooking then you're good to go. Drop the fish in the baggy a piece or two at a time and shake to cover with batter. Then just drop in oil and cook until golden brown. Let the pieces cool on paper towels. 

Then comes the best part... the eating.

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