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Located just a short distance off Bringle Ferry Road is an oasis from the noise and stress of everyday life. Eagle Point Preserve is the perfect place to experience the kind of peace and tranquility that only nature can provide.

A long gravel drive leads to a small parking area where you’ll find picnic tables, portable restrooms and a kiosk that describes over three miles of trails. There’s also a kayak trolly to help you get your boat from car to the lake. You’ll need to bring your own drinking water.

A series of well marked trails loop through a combination of pine and hardwood forest. You’ll be serenaded by fogs and birds as you stroll by lush bogs and pass hidden coves and backwaters on High Rock Lake. You’ll also discover open vistas that offer expansive views of the lake. You are likely to see a variety wildlife from bald eagles, great blue herons, egrets and maybe even some deer. There are several benches scattered along the way to allow you to sit and take in all the sights and sounds. There are even a few picnic tables for enjoying a lakeside lunch.

The  three back to back trail loops that are easy to walk because they are mostly flat. Keep in mind that there can be some wet spots, especially after periods of heavy rain. You’ll also want to bring your bug spray.

First time visitors are often surprised to find a spot like this so close to civilization. It is certainly a hidden gem for the area. The two hundred acre preserve is operated by the Rowan Count Parks and Recreation Department and  was made possible by the Land Trust of Central North Carolina.

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