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Panoramic view

Located just outside of Salisbury and not far from High Rock Lake, this 83 acre park was opened in November of 2006  with the help of donations from "Friends of the Mountain" and a trust grant from Rowan Parks and Recreation. "The Land Trust For Central North Carolina" made the property available for public use under a conservation easement. 

Old quarry view.JPG

Rowan County has a reputation for a unique type of granite known as "Salisbury Pink."  Dunn's Mountain is a granite dome that was for many years used as a quarry to extract the prized pink stone. Evidence of quarry operations can still be seen from various vantage points. Despite the fencing to protect visitors from hazards left behind after the quarry was closed, the park still offers glimpses of the the area's natural beauty. 

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old quarry view sign.JPG
Quarry View.JPG

A parking area at the base of the mountain has a visitor center with restrooms. From here you can take the short but slightly steep trail to the top.  The park does offer a shuttle to the top on weekends but the trail really isn't that bad if you take your time. 

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Trail entrance.JPG
Trail to the top.JPG

At just over a thousand feet above sea level, Dunn's Mountain towers over the surrounding landscape of the North Carolina Piedmont.  From the top  you'll be treated with long range views in nearly every direction. You can see downtown Salisbury to the west and the Uwharrie Mountains to the east. Visitors here will be surprised just how far you can see. Some say on a clear day you can see a hundred miles. Be sure and bring your binoculars. A covered porch offers a pleasant place to linger and enjoy the scenery. 

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There are several picnic tables and scattered through the park and most offer a nice view to enjoy your lunch or just sit and take a break. 

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Park hours vary with the seasons and be sure and check the sign in the pics above to make sure it will be open when you want to go. One thing is for sure, it's a unique spot that is certainly worth a visit and you might be surprised when you do go and find you have the whole place to yourself. 

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