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Bald Mountain

Ribbon Cutting May 19th, 2023

Experience the best of High Rock Lake Life with a little adventure just downstream. Near Tuckertown, the next lake on the "Yadkin River Chain," come explore Bald Mountain Trail - located on Newsom Road in Davidson County NC, where the 1.2 mile trail climbs nearly 300 feet to the summit that tops out at 850 feet above sea level. Get ready to be mesmerized by the breathtaking views from the shoreline of Tuckertown Reservoir. The property is managed by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and is part of the state's "Game Land." Having the trail in a designated game land is a new concept for the agency and it will open up the this wild space to more than just hunters. Nature lovers of all interests will be able to enjoy the trail. 

From the gravel parking lot on Newsom Road, you'll head into the woodlands following an old logging road. Starting out relatively flat, eventually the trail will begin to wind it's way up the gradual climb through a series of switchbacks to the summit.

Take your time and keep your eyes open for local reptiles. The Uwharrie Mountain range is known to be home to a variety of snakes and lizards. Most are completely harmless but don't be surprised if you see a rattlesnake or a copperhead. During warmer months and even warm days in winter, be sure to pay attention and watch your step. And like any outdoor adventure in the south, always check yourself for ticks after you're done. 

The hike to the top will definitely get your heart rate up but the view is worth the effort. Be sure to stay on the trail and beware of and avoid the steep cliffs. This is not a good place for unattended children and off-leash pets. 

Video Tour of Bald Mountain Trail

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